Quality Print Solutions

Ecoleaf is one of the first eco-friendly packaging and printing firms in Qatar, creating full array of business and personal printing solutions. We specialise in all forms of printing, from small copy jobs to high volume commercial projects in a variety of applications, including both indoor and outdoor large format printing.

Our experienced print team and creative graphic designers, operating state-of-the-art equipment, will ensure all your print ideas are a success.

Let yourself be seen with our large format printing options for outdoor applications. We offer a full range of print solutions for maximum advertising impact.

Banners are popular for their versatility, ease of transport and assembly. They can be freely adapted to your individual needs.
We print single- and double-sided printed banners on high-quality materials with full colour and sharp imagery.

Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor advertising in windy areas or to stick on large surfaces such as building facades. The structure of the material makes it breathable, minimising wind resistance ensuring durability.

Roll-ups are super functional and very practical promotional and advertising carriers. Their lightweight aluminium construction makes them easily portable. They are also useful for as wayfinding signage, or informational notices. Available in three sizes: 80cm x 200cm 100cm x 200cm and 120cm x 200cm.

We offer stickers with either matt or gloss finishes and provide quick turnaround times. We also have our own qualified installers who can apply your stickers to your chosen surface, whether on cars, billboards, hanging banners or other application.

Stand out from the crowd with our large format posters. We can print in whatever size you want including unusual dimensions and formats.

Car Stickers
Car stickers offer high visibility with the added advantage of mobility. We can cover a little or as much of your vehicle as you wish. We can even cover a vehicle entirely using high-end cast foils, and also apply special one-way vision foils to the rear and side windows. The foils are printed on the most modern plotters producing high quality print finishes. We also secure the print with laminate.

OVW Foil
Our one-way vision foils with mesh structure allow the flow of daylight and are suitable for window applications – either on vehicles or shop front windows. This solution enables visibility from inside to outside but not in the other direction.

PVC Boards
These boards are suitable for advertising carriers used outdoors and are resistant to weather conditions. We have boards of various weights, lined with monomeric foil or we print directly onto the board (UV printing). For longer exposures, we also laminate. Useful as signposts in urban spaces or signboards, promoting products or services.

We can produce pop-up skins up to 4m x 3m in quality vinyl strips, and can also include the aluminium mounting frames. Available in CMYK and B’W.

Printed flags are always popular for events, exhibitions, and sales promotions. They are easy to install and can be stored to be reused. We provide advertising flags in numerous sizes and shapes, with various applications for erecting using aluminium masts and a variety of stabilizers – including bases for water or sand, or fixed directly into the ground.

A popular solution for shopfronts, the essence of the A-board is to attract and inspire interest in your product or service, so the quality of the reproduced image is important. We offer boards in different sizes, from A2 to B1, both single and double sided, made of anodized aluminium. We also supply wooden framed blackboards, and windtalker boards, which feature a stable base filled with water or sand.

We also print on blueback paper, with blue insulation from the base, which is designed primarily for covering billboards or as a material for large format posters. It is relatively inexpensive paper, used mainly for short advertising campaigns and promotional activities. Large format prints on this type of the paper are resistant to moisture and UV light. We provide all our customers with installation.

Printing on canvas is popular for photos in full colour, sepia and grayscale. They work well for a variety of special occasions like weddings, family meetings and presenting various graphics. We offer a complete service from design to stretching on wooden looms.

Do you run your own business and often need specialised or large-scale print jobs? We provide custom design solutions covering a wide range of commercial printing needs. From business administration, banking, construction, accounting, offices, as well as all types of invoices, bills, personnel documents, we have everything you need in one place.

Business Cards
Although small, a business card is one of the most important pieces of printed material in any company. We provide high-quality business cards and print either single or double sided. Our graphic design studio can assist you with your design, allowing your card to stand out from the crowd. We also provide a variety of finishes such as foils, standard varnishes, and UV-resistant special varnishes.

Gift Cards
These cards are popular for loyalty programmes, gift vouchers, or discounts. They are even used for VIP memberships. We can prepare your cards either on paper or plastic.

One of the most common forms of advertising is a static poster. We offer our clients a variety of formats from A3 to B1. We can also print larger formats on request.

Leaflets are available in a wide range of formats. Our own graphic design studio is available to help make your design vision a reality. Leaflets are printed in A4 -A7 sizes.

Folded leaflets
Folded leaflets can be made in either a “U” or “Z” format. These are suitable if you have more information to convey than a typical flyer would hold.

We produce a variety of company stationary, including letterheads. Paper weight for letterheads is primarily 90g, though we can customise to suit your needs. The minimum order for digital prints is 50 pieces, and 250 pieces for offset printing.

We provide all of the most commonly used folder types. Depending on the purpose and needs, we also offer folders with increased volume and thickness. For increased durability and aesthetics, we can apply a number of finishes in the form of surface coating with a varnish and can use foliation (mate or gloss) or lay a special UV varnish, to expose selected graphic elements.

Notepads are very practical for daily office work and have useful positions for advertising and promotional information. These products are mainly printed on offset paper with a weight of 80g – 100g, with a card backing, and glue across the top edge. Company contact information and logos can be added in depending on your needs. The most frequently suggested formats are from A4 – A6.

Desk pad planners
Desk pad planners provide the dual functions of notepads and calendars. We can brand these according to your requirements. The most popular desk pad planner sizes are A2 and A3 on 90g paper and are offset printed.

We can put your designs on all kinds of cardboard packaging applications. This is an ideal platform for promotional packaging, greeting gifts, food, giveaways, and limited-edition product lines. We can also produce the packaging. Prices and lead times vary on selected packaging and printing applications.

Our stickers, thanks to our optical positioning system (OPOS) cutting method, are unique in their appearance, standing out among other stickers.

We print catalogues in various formats and, depending on the volume of pages, our catalogues can be sewn or glued.
Our catalogues with 8 to 60 pages usually range in size from DL to A4 and are created as stitched booklets. Catalogues with 48 to 256 pages feature a glued spine. Thick paper (matt or gloss) is used to print catalogues with 130g to 300g paper.

We produce both seasonal and commemorative cards, as well as cards for that special occasion. We can even create postcards with any picture you like, as well as corporate season’s greeting cards or invitations.

Calendars are not only a key business tool, they are equally useful in the home. Even picky customers will be impressed with our a wide range of calendars, which come in various forms, from books and desktop calendars to wall hanging versions. Any calendar can be tailored to your needs. Book calendars come in sizes up to A4 pocket, and wall versions can be printed up to B1 format.

We offer an extensive range of self-adhesive labels, with a number of variations of paper or foil, matt or glossy, digital or offset printed. Our team also has years of experience in both designing and printing a wide variety of labels for many manufacturing industries.

Our print shop offers envelopes of all shapes and sizes that can be custom printed depending on your requirements. From corporate envelopes to personalised stationery, our envelopes come in a variety of formations, rich colours, and can be printed single or double-sided.