Our Green Area


Sustainability informs all aspects of our business as we seek to minimise the environmental impact of all our products and processes. Equally important are the roles education, community and stakeholder engagement play in supporting and promoting environmental responsibility.
Our sustainability goals include:

  • Encouraging our customers to engage in waste collection programs
  • Using sustainable raw materials with low carbon footprints, and made from renewable resources, which can be recycled or composted
  • Recycling of production waste (paper, recyclable plastic)
  • Using 100% recycled corrugated boxes for packaging
  • Promoting composting facilities in Qatar 
  • Offering financial or promotional incentives for customers hitting proven sustainable milestones
  • Educational campaigns for interested customers and their teams about recycling and composting in Qatar
  • Attending conventions and summits to keep abreast of latest sustainable best practices

Our Materials

  • Bio-coated Paper – Our bio-coated paper for coffee cups is sourced from sustainably managed forests. They are 100% renewable and 100% recyclable. The insides are coated with polymers made from plant-based renewable materials, which also makes them fully compostable in commercial composting facilities when they become available in Qatar.
  • Recyclable Paper – Our paper products are engineered to suit a wide range of food serving containers, both for hot and cold contents. Manufactured from virgin wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, and a coating that allows 100% successful recycling results.
  • Kraft Paper – We supply food-grade kraft paper bags in different sizes, suitable for a wide range of uses such as grocery shopping, food, takeaways, baked goods, sandwiches, French fries, burgers and more.
  • Wood – Our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. It is used to make wood utensils, which can be composted in your home garden.
  • Bio-plastic– Our carbon-neutral bio-plastics are the perfect replacement for the traditional plastic items. They feel, look and work as plastic, but are made from plant-based polymers.
  • Areca – Our areca products are one of the most eco-friendly products you can find. They are manufactured from naturally fallen areca leaves, with a largely manual manufacturing process –a minimal carbon footprint.


At Ecoleaf, we believe that we all are responsible for looking after our environment. Recycling is an important part of ensuring we are adhering to our sustainability goals.

There are several companies in Qatar that provide recycling services (bins and collection) for a wide range of materials. The most widely known are “Elite Paper Recycling” – for non-coated paper and corrugated cardboard, and “Global Metals” for aluminium, metals, plastics, and several other items.

Ecoleaf is exploring partnerships with companies to provide recycling capabilities and waste collection programmes for your business.

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